Wee Yellow Golf Book


  1. If there are not enough pre-orders of the book by 5pm Sunday 24th January the book will not be printed.
  2. Only the number of pre-orders will be printed.
  3. Do not wait to March/April – no pre-order no book.
  4. Your golf club will not have a supply of books.
  5. Your 1 or 2 books could make the difference to the book being printed.
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happygolf – Wee Yellow Golf Book

Books will be available from 7th February 2021 if enough pre-orders.

The publication with all the details you require to enter over 1700 open golf competitions across Scotland in 2021.

Small in size, easy to carry, 72 pages packed with information arranged in a way that makes identifying competitions YOU wish to play, easier than ever before.

Booklets cost £7.00 each (plus 2nd class postage & packing within the UK at £1.00).

Access to view over 10,000 open golf competitions throughout the UK and Ireland is FREE.

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Sub Total: £7.00
Shipping: £1.00
Total Price: £8.00

Pay By Cheque
Cheque Payable to – Avanti Graphic Design Ltd

Send Cheque with Name, Address, number of books + e-mail address to

175 Townhill Road
KY12 0DQ

To pay via Bacs contact via e-mail  (sorry e-mail link not working info@happygolf.co.uk) or telephone 0780 160 7664  for details.

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Wee Yellow Golf Book, Your Perfect Pocket Guide